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Open Letter to the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family: Stopping US Ebola and US Ebola Coups in Their Tracks





Dear BRICS Alliance & Dragon Family – This is an Open Letter to you to use your considerable resources in a profound humanitarian mission that will also result in the deconstruction of a global war crimes racketeering organization that we can call the “Cabal”.
Vitamin C, Ebola & the Cabal
To stop the Cabal is surprisingly simple. The BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family need only announce they are sending large humanitarian shipments of vitamin C to any country facing Ebola outbreaks because Vitamin C will stop Ebola. And with vitamin C, people can dose themselves.

The Cabal is in its Las Throes
Right now the world is watching the Cabal in its last throes of greed and power, manically trying to start WWIII with Russia, hungrily trying to get its hands on the collateral accounts that belong to Asia, dramatically trying to use US and Israeli-made ISIS as a means for taking over the Middle East.
Ebola is its sleeper to hold onto Power
But the sleeper in all their plans to hold onto power is Ebola. The US made it and the entire thing is scripted. See: http://bit.ly/1wHX2PM

Using long-arranged plans including guillotines http://exopolitics.blogs.com/ebolagate/2014/09/first-911-then-guillotines.html and a wild and false WHO numbers, the Cabal, using UN troops and US troops to “help out,” has walked into three countries in West Africa that have oil and minerals the US wants, and taken over, putting millions under lockdown in the phony name of Ebola quarantines. All the usual suspects are involved – Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Kissinger, Gates, etc. -all of them infamous for destabilizing sovereign countries and for deaths. And the Africans there? The Cabal is delighted to inject with weaponized Ebola vaccines – either to run a massive test of how their creation of a super deadly virus is coming along or simply to kill manually.
Ebola = EbolaGate, a False Flag Operation
And Ebola itself? It is a giant bubble, like housing bubbles and economic bubbles, full of hot air.
Gotta Love that there Ebola Math

And they get there by side-stepping science and creating tests that do what they want..

Lab Tests Show WHO Numbers Off by 69%

Other 31% based on FDA Tests that are not safe or effective

FDA tests may NEVER show Negative for Ebola

For those who understand that the Cabal is financially in serious trouble, they might notice that a terrifying pandemic (“whether real or promulgated,” in Kissinger’s words) offers a means to squeeze billions out of frightened governments or secure yet more debt. The Cabal has an almost infinite resource so long as there is fear of a deadly disease, and the Cabal have the (alleged) treatment.A global “pandemic” also offers those large scale Wall Street bettors, ebola vaccines or drugs – new products that insiders will know in advance the WHO or CDC will mention and their stocks will shoot up. And who are those insiders? The heart of the Cabal. They also happen to be heavily invested in vaccines themselves – Goldman Sachs, the Rockefellers, Soros, Gates, etc. http://www.medicalveritas.org/MedicalVeritas/Pharmaganda.html . They had the UN run vaccine campaigns with ebola-laced vaccines to set off outbreaks, and from there, the financial ride was on. http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/the-ebola-breakout-coincided-with-un-vaccine-campaigns-by-yoichi-shimatsu/They only need to keep the world scared the world to death via their controlled media which is easy to do. They have their servants in the CDC and WHO make any doom-filled announcements they want. One day it is, “Everyone will die.” And then a glorious announcement the next day, “This vaccine can save millions.”

The Cabal is on their way out but why not cut their Ebola racket off at the knees before they can make more billions and give themselves yet more time, and before they take over more countries and kill millions? Why let them think they are just so clever to have pulled this off? And why let them have fun as they depart?

What BRICS and the Dragon Families can do right now: Send Vitamin C
To stop them is surprisingly simple. The BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family need only announce they are sending large humanitarian shipments of vitamin C to any country facing Ebola outbreaks because Vitamin C will stop Ebola. And with vitamin C, people can dose themselves.

Combating Ebola: How To Fight Ebola with Vitamin C & Ascorbic Acid


It was, in fact, the pharmaceutical industry itself (half owned by the Rockefellers) that funded Hitler, ran the camps, experimented withe vaccines, and mass murdered so many millions and that they make up the WHO today. http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/PHARMACEUTICAL_BUSINESS/history_of_the_pharmaceutical_industry.htm

They depend on disease which has now, with Ebola, become a full-scale biowar.

Vitamin C is a Viricide: an end to DiseaseVitamin C is an end to disease and that means it is an end to a primary funding source and a secret weapon of the Cabal. Vitamin C can stop, reverse or cure all degenerative diseases and all infections, is a total viricide, can neutralize all toxins and radiation poisoning. And how it can do so much is surprising easy understand, just as truly great theories tend to be.

The video above belongs in this article, explaining that the world now has a unified field theory of all disease. http://yupfarming.blogspot.com/2010/10/dawn-of-new-medical-age-and-collapse-of.html
Here is a power point presentation of scientific articles giving an idea of how effective it is in stopping diseases. http://www.peakenergy.com/downloads/VC.NZ.Sept.2010.pdfAll that good health and at such low cost give the Cabal such a headache, they could die from it.
It is a very relevant question. Vitamin C can cure Ebola, So Why Are The WHO and CDC Creating A Crisis? http://exopolitics.blogs.com/ebolagate/2014/09/-vitamin-c-can-cure-ebola-so-why-are-the-who-and-cdc-creating-a-crisis.html But the answer is obvious. Money. Control. Deaths. That’s the Cabal’s way of life.

BRICS Alliance, Dragon Family bring down the Cabal

The BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family know what is at stake in bringing down the Cabal and it is easy to see that Ebola is now the Cabal’s new toy for taking over countries, and it is already way more effective and far cheaper than ISIS, also their toy. With Ebola, they need only infect people with anything, and have the WHO and CDC start “telling” people it is ebola and it is spreading like wildfire and now – what shall we do? – it is out of control. The US and UN merely move in with troops and the duped public believes they are helping.

To stop the Cabal and expose the deadly farce of the US or UN being humanitarian as they take over other countries, the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family could simply offer what is truly humanitarian – a gentle cure that is easily shared by the poor.

Vitamin C = The End of the CabalStocks on Wall Street for vaccines will fall, the disease piggy-bank of the Cabal will no longer burst with endless billions. The unnaturally extended departure of the Cabal offered by martial law and mass murder, will be cut short.

The BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family would not only be taking a major Cabal piggy-bank away but their immense power over people’s bodies and lives and over countries. The Cabal would lose it covert ability to kill at will with “medicine.”

Donating Vitamin C now helps the Cabal depart!

BRICS and the Dragaon family would be taking them down in their last desperate effort to take world control and you would be showing humanity the time is truly near to begin offering global humanitarian projects. Donating vitamin C doesn’t depend on the Cabal being gone, though. This humanitarian gift is special because it actually helps them depart.
The BRICS Alliance and the Dragon would be doing something a bit like throwing water on the Wicked Witch of the West (in the Wizard of Oz). The water made her melt away. The wickedness of the West is quite real and vitamin C is gentle as water. But vitamin C is so magically health promoting, it can make even the most wicked Cabal begin to melt away.

And as the Cabal collapses down into a black smelly puddle of centuries of their own malignity, we’ll hear fading screams of “No, not that! Take it away, take it away, take …. !

Contact: peace@peaceinspace.org

An Open Letter to the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon Family:
Stopping US Ebola and US Ebola Coups in Their Tracks – EbolaGate




W̶E̶L̶C̶O̶M̶E̶ ̶T̶O̶ THE MACHINE : The Archangel Metatron






JOY TO THE WORLD : Huge anomaly in the solar space linked to Comet Lovejoy?


“We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For”

Huge anomaly appeared in the lens of the satellite HI1!

Giant alien ships!




Two space watchers noticed a strange anomaly in the solar space.

Muynhauzen74 “when viewing the various satellite images I saw a huge anomaly in the lens of the satellite HI1.” He wonders what this anomaly might be.

DarkSkyWatcher74 noticed the same anomaly. After analysis of the anomaly he said “It is odd that the comet Lovejoy from 2011 is still showing at 1AU if it is on a 600 year orbit. This comet was supposed to break up, but it didn’t and it shouldn’t be there. Verifying the orbit is what found the anomaly in front of the comet.”

Darkskywatcher 74 “I’m not really sure why it would show Lovejoy at 1 AU. The fact it did it on both comps even after updating list. I checked other comets that have passed already right down do ISON which is did fizzle out the program shows none of those to be…

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“Hickory dickory dock
The El wound up the clock
The clock struck ONE
The El was done
Hickory dickory dock…” 


Linear Time is a construct. It can be altered. It is part of the program, the system architecture. When they invaded, they seized control of that system program. They could drop people in, where ever they wanted, within that program. They programmed the ‘skit’ they wanted that individual to play out. Then erased their memory and layered their minds with a ‘history’, they created. By cording the individual, when ever the individual attempted to gain access to their real memory, the program would activate defense systems that would disallow it in a number of ways. If needed, they sent the nordic/nephli, to manually alter the individuals memory. We had no defense against this. They never remembered they were ‘visited’.

‘Yashua’ is another name for ‘Jesus’ and both are the coven name of a single individual Royal. It was Charles, son of the incestuous twins, whose Egyptian coven name was “Horus”. “Whore Us”. ‘Nimrod’ is simply another coven name. These are all names for the enemy forces, not for mankind. Every time I turn around, they are altering those same books, adding/deleting, to create another myth for public consumption. It was part of the reason they were called whores.

Domine, like the rest of it you’ve mentioned, is all the “new” disinformation they’ve put out there in these recent years. “Domini” is the root word for “Dominate”.

“Holy” is also “Whole E”. When they altered our language, they put their names into every word. People have know idea, that they give the “call” every time they speak.

The El who work for QE & Vatican, rigged Yellowstone. Then they lost control of the simulation. Its much much bigger than they were going to make it, and now they cant stop it. ONE says, they’ll rue it. We get pulled before it can harm us. We don’t live through that. But the elite (EL- ITE = el followers) are going to have a really bad day.

‘New age enlightenment’ was a term used by the Toth followers, and is specific to the Luciferians.

There is no “Invasion”, the Invasion of the past is what we are being freed from. And “Adam Kadmon & Man”…that’s a twist to the extreme. We are not ‘soul centers’ for hybrid Snake and Man genetics. We are stolen souls, forced into a genetically stripped down body for the purpose of possession, slavery and torture. “Adam Kadmon” is simply another of An/Nibiru propaganda.

IMO, The more you ‘study’ their book, BIB-EL, the greater the hold they gain on your mind. Every time you do so, you give the ‘call’ which allows them to approach you. Every time they approach you, they cord you and alter you.

Just to add to your cern info, one of the main things they were doing with Cern, is attempting to open a portal to escape their fate. The other thing, is that the El set it up as a big bomb. Its still rigged. (edit) as far as I know, it is still rigged. Like they rigged yellowstone.

You are in a server. It is a Virtual Artificially Intelligent, Natural Synthetic, Architecture. Hence the name “Great Architect” which he was not, nor did he create it. What he did do, was Hack it.
This is how the El’s hacked and inserted all those ‘artifacts’ and how they hacked us personally, and replaced our memories. They watch you from an event monitor, and can insert apps into your data stream, which then affect you in the ‘here and now’. Affecting not just memory, but personality traits as well.

The war is between the Father of the branch of Mankind, the One, and the Father of the branch of Snakes, Set/An or Satan, who heads the enemy forces, which are a collective of ‘fallen’ races such as the El (greys) and the Sith (reptilians) The enemy forces on the planets in our system were subdued, and the planets were filtered, or ‘cleansed’, and placed into an alignment in order for the opening of the gate, so that we can leave. The system we are in is a ‘construct’ and a multi-layered virtual reality. The images you see are from NASA files. We do not see the planets or space as it really is. NASA lied about everything. We were placed here in an act of war, and now we are about to be rescued and taken back to where we belong.

The money system is part of the slave system the enemy set over us. It does not go forward. You are returned to freedom. Stress of ‘bill(of Exange Act/Rothschild), money, lack of necessaries or luxuries, are all part of the past.

They want you to ‘forgive’ their esoteric debt. They want you to sit and go “Omm”, and do nothing to stop them. Do not forgive it – that makes YOU assume their debt; understand they will pay for this. The law is, all debt must be paid.

Do not pass it by without comment to do so means you comply/agree with it (lack spine); but know that it is meant to create fear and this is what you need to ‘pass by’. No fear. They give the appearance that this will not end. It is only appearance.

There is a server, which is a computer server. The “Planets” and the images we are commonly given, are the ‘myth’ because they are a virtual reality. Then there is the Spirits, which are there as well, but masked. And yes, the veil is about to lift and you’ll be able to see and understand it all.

You wont be disappointed. He’s worth the wait. Everyone above, thinks the ONE is special.
The el-ites were stalling, but that is past now. It is progressing, but on the upper level where we don’t really have knowledge of the steps taken, normally, for the transfer. I can only say, that everyone on the subconscious level, has received the FEN. Failure Event Notice. It is sent to everyone, when they are about to pull the electric/power plug and unplug all of us here.

Our Spirit Doubles are in fact our subconscious minds and they know everything. They communicate w/us through dreams, intuition, promptings.

It is however, about to happen. It will not be quite as I described, due to the changes. However, everyone is sealed, everyone is ready.

The next thing is the Global announcement which we’re waiting for, and that is when we get pulled and we all view these evil people flushed down to the pit.

Groundhog day …

The waiting, is now nearly over, and the Global Announcement is in the process of being ‘translated’ down to us.

So hang in there




have earned their FATE IN THE PIT


I have to laugh. The NET is showing on the cams, visibly now. No one has asked, ‘hey, what are those grid lines showing up? Hey..don’t maps and google earth have those grid lines?’ Yep. Its broke. The rep’s Ma NET is dying. Their ships are hitting it, and they’re sparking and burning up.

The Underworld side got their dome ripped off. That’s visible too..if you blow up the images. So they are frying as well. Ed’s not just blackened, (behind side image) his masts/key’s are attempting to retract. The left one retracts in, but the right appears stuck. Normally they work in sync. One pulls in, at the same time as the other. On the ahead side, the core they managed to pull back in..popped out again further to the right.

There is a mechanism there, its a machine. And reportedly there are a couple of stellars hiding behind the image we see on the nasa photos. And besides the 'beast', There is also the 'black sun' which appears to be a black cube shaped crystal.  We're told, we see all of that as we leap forward. I believe that is due to the fact that the veil is removed. 

There is venting all along the right side. (those aren’t cme’s) I hope the el-ites enjoy the show. We will. Their DUMB’s, well, they certainly wont escape into them here and be safe from a Nova. Nor do those dumbs translate, ‘move forward’ to the next underworld as they planned. In fact their ‘vine’ is dead. None of them move forward. FYI, mankind has a family tree.

Because of their incest (royals only marry royals) they have what is called a ‘vine’. Which is a straight line of decent, by reason of incest. Not sure, but we heard Queen El-lizard-butt, was scheduled to knock off all her ‘Arrows’..the 13 Families. Perhaps, like the banksters, they’ll suddenly decide to take flying lessons out the 30th floor windows. I know that we heard, it seems they’ve been deemed a problem. So they were sold out. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of child murderers.















Ooooooooo ! ! !



Manly P. Hall – Mental Control of the Energy Fields of the Body


Sunday, 21 September 2014

WHITE HAT UPDATE : Don’t get behind a lemming

A review of recent communications all points to one task for us all: Keep your eyes open and remain prepared at all times, for all things, from this time forward.

Continue to steer clear of the neural narcosis that results from the guru intel chin-waging vomitorium. I cannot emphasize this enough. Allowing pride to divert your senses from the realities of the world that they ignore will cost you dearly. Stay in tune with those who are front and center – those who have been gracious enough to help us stay informed.

Don’t get behind a lemming, because you know where it will end up.

As you are all aware, our fact checking days are largely done, since the truth and details about the parties involved and their roles in matters germane to our interests are well known and understood by now. These details are found at the official White Hat Blog at http://www.tdarkcabal.blogspot.com. All we have to do now is act and be responsible at our levels, and let the fine people on the front lines do their jobs.

Let’s show them that their work will be anticipated and appreciated by a well informed and involved citizenry, and not by a swarming mass of idleness, self indulgence and indifference.

There are many reports about who Mr. Obama is keeping company with, and who he is working on behalf of, that were well cited and sourced by the White Hats. Between that and the channelers, we will select the former as the more accurate since anyone who is supposed to be selected by such spiritual powers would have perhaps not urged him to lob cruise missiles into Syria. That, and the fact that more Afghani’s have died on Obama’s watch than did on Bush’s.

Strange how the contradictions add up.

The White Hats and their colleagues appreciate your support and are working hard to complete their tasks.

Please await further information as it becomes available.

Thank you!





Former US marine turned human freedom activist Ken O’ Keefe delivers a brilliant and heartfelt presentation at the Glastonbury Symposium 2014 on his own awakening, and the process of attaining true freedom in pursuit of truth.

UFO’S MI6 The British Secret Intelligence Service : LOOKING AFTER THEIR PAST AND FUTURE ASSETS



Reaction Solution : There is no plan ( as the rain falls and as the water flows down a river and when the dam buster breaks the deluge of water will wipe out every tear from our eye)