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The old adage of “treating others as you would like to be treated” especially holds true for certain animals that make no bones about going out of their way and caring for others. In some instances, animal kindness is a case of a species being good parents to their young. 

In other situations, the generosity is truly amazing and defines stereotypes. From vampire bats sharing blood with sick mates to dogs adopting kittens, animals may surprise, leave a smile on your face or even inspire. 

To these animals, their noble actions are not about recognition or notoriety, but just doing what’s right — a philosophy we all could do a better job of following at times.


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Keep in mind that these preparations are only for what leads up to the 2012 shift, which may or may not happen on that date, maybe after or before. Mayans say it can happen as late as 2015. Scientists are divided and say a pole shift could happen even as late as 2017 and might even take a hundred years to complete. No one knows exactly how it's all going to happen. This is uncharted territory. It is a window of time that is depicted for the shift to happen.

After the shift, no one knows what will be going on. Many say it will be a whole different dimension, maybe not. These preparations are more for dealing with the human dramas that will unfold in an unpleasant way leading up to that point since there will be so many people in a state of fear, anger or despair. Once the polar shift happens, none of these preparations will be necessary. These preparations are for the time that unfolds before the polar shift.

Inward Preparation of Consciousness

The first and foremost 2012 survival preparation that must be done is the preparation of your consciousness. You could do all sorts of physical preparations, but if you consciousness is not in alignment with the higher vibrations of the new paradigm coming after 2012, it won't matter what you do at the physical level to save yourself. If you are not fully in an open hearted condition, you will not be in alignment with the new paradigm that comes after 2012. Alignment with the post 2012 shift does not mean that you have to know all the mysteries of the universe, know all the metaphysical and new age teachings, attain spiritual powers (siddhis), or even have a lot of experience with meditation and spiritual endeavors. All that is necessary is that you have an open heart toward others and toward yourself and are willing to surrender to a peaceful way of being and living in the world.

Meditation is something you should begin right away so that you can expand on your abilities to be at peace with your past, be in a state of surrender to the Godself within you, and realize yourself as eternal being that is immersed in a temporary experience of being in the world of form. What is most important is that you develop your ability to be the source of love on this planet, a source of love to others, and develop unconditional love. That is what the new paradigm for humanity is all about. Business must be conducted in a loving way in the future, governments must be run in a loving way, all actions must be done from a place of love, and the caretaking of the Earth must be done in a loving way.

There is no way around this and this is what must be inside you if you are to be in the right place at the right time for the shift that is going to take place. Do not skip this step. This is far more important than all the physical preparations put together. Skipping this step annuls and voids all physical preparation and none of that will matter if you are not in alignment with the new paradigm coming after 2012.

Food Storage Is Most Important

Food is the most important item to be prepared with. Vacuum seal at least enough food for a year for yourself, your family, your pets and some friends and even strangers to share with if you can afford it. Food is easy to stock and store. If you don't have much space because you are a renter, perhaps you can rent a small storage space for very little money. If you don't have much money just do what you can. You still have a some time. Make sure you have sproutable grains so you will have fresh vegetable energy and don't have only dried foods. Get things that expand with water, too. Those are the smallest to store and yet supply a lot of meals. Dried fruits and nuts are ideal as well. You might want to stock up on your favorite vitamins and mineral supplements and perhaps any medicines you might think you need.

Leave The Cities

Cities will be places of unrest in most locations. There will be many people who haven't given any thought to their spirituality, looked what is deeper in themselves, and don't know that the material trance induction is coming to an end. For many people this will be very upsetting, disorienting, and some might see it as a chance to take advantage of the situation and take from others or even harm others. If you live close to a city, you might want to ask yourself if you are on the pathway of people who might be refugees from the cities and might be desperate. Cities would be the hardest hit by social unrest from desperation, military influence, and food shortages. This is not to mention that cities are targets for bio terrorism, destruction and war.

Small towns are ok if you feel that everyone would work together. Some towns will work together and some will not. Small towns are good because if you are far enough away from a metropolis, the military will not be likely to get around to your town right away if there is martial law induced upon the citizens of any given country. There are safe pockets everywhere and small communities will be where those places are.

Pick Your Neighbors Wisely

Judge the nature and the general attitude of the people in any given town if you cannot be in the country. Ask yourself if the people will work together or struggle with one another. The smaller the town, the more likely people will work with one another. They don't all have to believe the way you do, know the same things you know, or even be like you. All they need to be is open hearted toward others and willing to cooperate. Those are the type of people you want to be around. There are people from all faiths and all walks of life who fit into that category. You don't want to be around angry, fearful or aggressive people. Groups where that is the energy present will not be where the safe havens are.

Live At High Elevations

Some scientists say the pole shift would take a long time, decades or hundreds of years, others say the opposite could happen. Scientists don't really know for sure. If they do, they simply aren't telling us. Other scientists say that Planet X Nibiru is coming through our solar system and will wreak havoc on the Earth's gravitational field. Supposedly, Nibiru's passage is what will cause the Earth cataclysms. Other scientists say that no such thing exists. No matter what, if something drastic happens water is a moveable substance. Coastal areas could be considered "slosh zones" if the planet's water gets a little wild. Some say you need to live around a 5000 foot elevation to be safe, others say 8000 feet. Since human history does not contain accurate and verifiable data as to how something like this would play out, it is anyone's guess.

Don't Live Near Disaster Zones

If you know you live near a possible disaster zone, perhaps it's time to move. If you live near a volcano, an earthquake fault-line, tsunami zone, flood area, or a place where hurricanes or tornados happen, these are the places to avoid. There isn't really any place that can be guaranteed to be safe, but these areas are not ideal places to stay if it is possible that there will be Earth cataclysms triggered by either a celestial event or human manipulations.

Water & Water Filtration

Clean water will be a must. Even if you live near a clean river, make sure you have a good filtration device. It doesn't have to be fancy. Even a hand held camping filter will be good enough for most people. If you don't have that, make sure you can boil water.

Shelter ... A Wood Stove

Shelter is another very important aspect to deal with. If you are a renter, moving is easy if you're not in the right place. If you own a house in a place you feel might not be safe, plan a second place to either rent or attain cheaply where you think it might be safe, and try to rent something you feel the owner won't want to move back into for some reason.

Some people say that very high winds will happen. If that is the case having a space underground might be necessary which can be created , but not many people will be able to do that. Simply do the best you can. Don't live on a mountain top. Instead, be down in the valley but not in a place that could flood. Have protection from the mountains if you can. Don't live in a place where a landslide could happen, but make use of the shelter from wind that a mountain could provide. Make sure you don't live in a windy place.

Live in a place where you will have access to a wood stove. Make sure you have lots of wood for it. Heating systems that run on electricity or gas will have a limited usage, and if those things are unavailable, you will be without heat. Even if your woodstove will only heat up one room or so and not the whole house, that is good enough.

Prepare For Being Without Electricity

If you can set up back up power that doesn't depend on fuels you have to buy, do so. If you can access, water, wind or solar power, it's there for the taking if you set up the equipment to use it. Don't depend on diesel or gas generators. The fuel might not be available for a price you can afford.

Stay Happy, Stay In Present, Cherish Everyone

More important than anything in your survival through the 2012 Paradigm Shift is your attitude and approach to things. Stay in a positive space. Don't see the coming challenges as a bad thing or something to resist or be afraid of. See the coming challenges as an exciting adventure you are on, an incredible experience you are participating in inside God's imagination. All of this is happening in the mind of God, of which you are a part of, and it isn't often that an entire species goes through a consciousness expanding exercise such as the one humanity is about to go through.

Try not to be sad or depressed, and definitely don't be in a fearful space. Being in a positive pole state of mind will cause you to be in the right place at the right time while you journey through this wild mass event. None of it is really as serious as it seems from the perspective of the bigger picture so have fun with it as you go through the next few years and see how things unfold. Even if hell unfolds in many places in the world, you can be in a heavenly space at the same time. It will be a bit odd to see such extremes manifest in physical reality over the next years, but you can be in the peaceful zones if your consciousness resonates with that. Everyone will move toward what they resonate with.

Live in a state of constant gratitude. Cherish everyone and everything in life and appreciate every day that you are here. It is a blessing to be alive and a state of gratitude brings you more things to be grateful for. So cherish every moment that you have with those who you love, and cherish life itself.

You have to really want to be here to stay. If there is part of you that wants to leave, you might. Decide to stay and commit yourself to that fully in your heart. Watch out for any unconscious "suicidal" language in your mind or in your words that you say to others. Yes, many people are tired of being here because it has been so oppressive to live in this world due to the economic difficulties and other difficulties, but now is not the time to resonate with that energy if you really want to stay here. Going is fine too. Some people feel that they have had a good life and they don't want to do all the work it takes to relocate or change anything. Some people are really ready to go. If you are not truly in that mindset, then you need to fix that way of thinking so it doesn't impinge on your other desire which is to stay on the Earth in the new paradigm.



The journey covers Atlantis, reptilian humanoids, the Anunnaki, ancient symbolism, ancient science, an ancient global language, and much more ....

Sumerian, sanskrit, taoist, egyptian texts its all there ..... Aboriginal cave paintings dating 80,000 years depicts UFO's and men in space suits with kangaroos and birds fleeing in terror....Also correlate to cave paintings in france and also in carvings in Sumeria ... Most of us are educated but its sad that so many people are dependent on the system and its sad the system has obscured our true origins....no such thing as coincidence

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The U.S. government has had Tesla-based quantum access time travel technology for over 40 years.

Time travel technology has been weaponised with its principal impacts to date being for the sequestration in time loops of secret military installations, such as U.S. secret bases on Mars, political control of the human population, political surveillance, and attempted imposition of a catastrophic timeline on humanity by withholding or manipulating information about future events.

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT ... Project Camelot interviews Pete Peterson


FOOD FOR THOUGHT ... Bob Dean - The Wise Man of UFOlogy




Did human extraterrestrials visit Earth -- and predict a Golden Age will culminate in the year 2012, freeing us from evil, fear and doom?

Did the founding fathers of America inherit this prophecy -- and encode it directly into the Great Seal of the United States? Why is there a pyramid with an eye inside a glowing triangle? 

Is Novus Ordo Seclorum quoted from an ancient prophecy text -- the greatest and most secret treasure of the Roman Empire -- predicting that humans on Earth will transmute into "light beings" and achieve Apotheosis -- where Man becomes God -- and the 'Gods' themselves return?

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CROP CIRCLES - Brave Farmer Speaks Out Shunned By Peers.


Has to be some of the closest footage of UFOs released! 

Can't believe new crop circles are appearing all the time on this guys UK farm...

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The Kogi are the last surviving civilization from the world of the Inca and Aztec, and their cities are untouched by our world.


Their spiritual leaders, called Mamos, are raised in complete darkness for their first 18 years, where they are trained to communicate with ‘"ALUNA’, what they understand to be the governing forces of the world. They then become Mamos (Enlightened Ones). 

Some work at remote places which they call “hot spots”, where they believe living energy pours into the world. They guard their isolation and secrecy so that they can continue this work. 

But now they believe their work has become impossible in the face of our destructive greed, and that the earth itself is on the edge of apocalyptic collapse.........

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Native American "folklore" or "myth", details the ancients encounters with "Star Beings", and can be harvested from the American Southwest to Tierra Del Fuego. In story-telling traditions dating back to antiquity, the gods once descended from heaven to impregnate barren females in remote villages. Mothers bearing these strange seeds would then nurture and raise the "Star Children" until the age of six or thereabouts, when the gods would return to reclaim their progeny, leaving villagers staring up into the infinite night.

The United States, as every other major land mass is filled with pyramids, hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, artifacts and sacred grounds to rival the Egyptian, and the Mayan digs...The native peoples that preceded our modern society recorded events and prophecies for the benefit of those who would follow. It was the part of the "job description" of being a tribal Shaman to hand down the sacred knowledge to the next generation of Shaman, and some say it's as accurate as it was thousands of years ago when induced.